Sunday, July 23, 2006

The coolest phone thing EVER!

Yay! Here is a really cool way for you to keep in touch with me! AIM came out with a free internet phone that I can use to recieve incoming calls (I can't make calls without paying a monthly fee). So, here is how it works..
-I got a local (Edgewater) phone number. It is (386) 663-9119

- You can call it, and my computer will ring. Once I get the right headset/microphone thing I can answer and we can talk.

-OR, you can leave a voicemail message! I get an e-mail saying you called, and I can go check my voicemail!

You have no idea how exciting it is to get an e-mailed voicemail. And I'm not even away from home yet.
So, test it out whenever! Today! Tomorrow! Remember, the number is (386) 663-9119.
(I sound like an infomercial)


  1. you have to pay to get a new phone number? And in your e-mail, you play an audio clip of the voicemail? How do you leave a greeting? Is the microphone thing difficult to install? So many questions Tara...what will I ever do without you to be my technologically gifted consultant?

    Well, I guess I can faux-call you with my stupid questions :)


  2. What website did you get this off of?