Sunday, February 18, 2007

An interesting trip to the movies...

Since nothing super blog-worthy has happened, or will happen, in a while, I think it is appropriate to fill you in on last night's minor (albeit slightly scarring) event.
Joy, Jenny and I went to the movies to see Blood Diamond (that is another story in itself... right now I will say that I think you have to see it to be my's somewhat lifechanging.) So, we are crawling through the insane saturday traffic with the windows UP (nasty smog yesterday) and the music on. Finally, the speed picked up a little--which means the cars in our lane decided not to stop in the middle of the road before turning.
Anyway, as we picked up speed, a pigeon who was in our way decided not to move. That's right. We hit it. Now, I think I would have handled it ok if we had just hit it and then I didn't know the outcome. What really happened is that it got stuck onto the front of the car. I think the people on the streets could have heard our screaming from inside that car. Have you ever been crying and laughing at the same time? It's a weird feeling, but that's how Joy and I were for the drive to the movies. Crying for the pigeon who, we were pretty sure, was still alive and hanging on in God knows what condition to the car. Laughing because every now and then we would pass someone on the street who gave a hilarious bewildered look--you know, the kind with the slightly curled up lip and the quizzical eyebrow-- and watched the front of the car as we went by. Some people would point as if to say "you've got something stuck just there, you know?"... Um.. Yes, thank you. We are aware--the feathers that flew onto the windshield every km or so were a giveaway.

When we pulled into the mall parking lot we passed many security guards who gave us that look. Or they laughed. It must have been an interesting sight--a pigeon stuck to a car with girls inside screaming and covering their eyes (me).
At one of the laughing security guards I made gestures that I hoped meant "Yes, we see the pigeon, now what do we do about it???". I think he saw because after we parked, and Jenny got out and confirmed that it was indeed still alive, the security guard rode by on a bicycle, laughing, asked Joy to pop her hood, grabbed the bird like it was a football, and rode off with it. Still laughing.
Wel, the minute I saw that poor thing and knew that it was alive the whole terrifying time I lost it. Joy and I sat and cried for a bit, which I must say is not the way to prepare yourself for a movie like Blood Diamond.
I hope the pigeon survived.


  1. that sounds really traumatic. i don't think i could have handled it. I love you, Tara Lynne

  2. i hit a squirrel the other day.... and i cried like a little boy who lost his candy bar.....