Sunday, April 01, 2007

Playa Guayabitos

Despite the cautions from many well-meaning friends here in Mexico, I headed to the beach this weekend to jump-start our 2 week Semana Santa (holy week). We were told that since all of Mexico gets the same spring vacations, the beaches are crazy and there are no rooms to be found. Well, 5 of us decided to take a chance. We left right after school on Friday when Lindsay, a friend of ours in med. school here, came to pick us up in her wonderful, not-a-bus, car. We packed 2 tents just in case there really would be no place to stay. However, they were unnecessary because we found a great room at the second hotel we tried!
This beach was different from the other two I have stayed in because it was very Mexican. It was touristy, but in a way that catered to the Mexicans and not the foreigners. The beach was crowded, but not impossible. The water was really nice and the waves were pretty mellow, but fun.
We joined up with a group of Mexicanos and played beach vollyball. It was, interestingly enough, my first time to ever play it! I had a lot of fun!
As usual on a vacation, I ate well-enjoying the amazing fresh fruit from the beach vendors, and the fresh fish for dinner! Delicious! I must say that, as a Florida girl, I have been missing the good, fresh fish that is not available in a big, inland city.
So, now I have two weeks of freedom. This week many of the girls have friends or family in town, so I may be tagging along as they show them the sights. Next week 5 of us will be going to Mexico City (a.k.a. Ciudad de Mexico, D.F., or simply "Mexico"). I need to read up on it because there is a TON to do there! I can't wait!

Happy Palm Sunday!

Thanks to Betsy, I have some beach pictures. Check out my photo album (link above) for more!

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