Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Longest school year ever.

It was mentioned that these extra, unnecessary weeks of school required by Mexico's Secretaria de Educacion Publica are counterproductive. I like that word. It sums up perfectly what it feels like this week. So much for teaching my kids to come inside quietly after lunch, or to not turn around in their seats to chat to a neighbor. They can sense, as well as I, that the end is near. here. long past!.
Yesterday and today were full of randomness. We painted. We made picture frames. We filled out "about me" questionnaire's and guessed who they belonged to. We had a mini "awards show" with the recognitions I'd made for them (Most Friendly, Best Sense of Humor, Most Likely to Be Famous, etc...)
Tomorrow we have practice for Friday's program (we're reciting Philippians 2:5-11, with each kid saying a part. Pretty lame, but last minute...) and then a party.
Friday we come for only the program and then leave.
I love my kids. So much. I will miss them! But this is just TOO much!

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  1. Tara....I feel your pain! Or felt should I say. The kids have an extra sense of the coming end, so I did nothing but hands-on activities and stuff that did not require me grading it...I was over it too. But now it feels extra weird since I am doing summer school, because I had the feeling of an end in sight, but after only 4 days off I`m back in school again. At least its for only 3 hours a day. I miss you and can´t wait to see you! 24 more days and I will be in Florida!