Sunday, August 17, 2008

we're not in Kansas anymore...

I doubt anyone is still reading this blog (if you are, comment so I have some kind of idea...) but I felt the need to update for a few reasons. Reason #1: I wanted to say a little something about the present status of my life. Reason #2: I'm bored.
So, here we go with reason #1.. which, actually, is a direct link (cause?) to reason #2...
I moved over to Gainesville last Monday (August11). For those who don't know, Gainesville is considered northern central Florida, which means it is stuck right in the middle of the state. I don't technically need to be here until the 22nd of August, but I figured that I should give myself some time to acclimate to my new surroundings and get some important things done like, oh, registering for classes. So far I've been here for about 1 week, and that leads me into the aformentioned reason #2-I'm bored. Why did I give myself 2 weeks to acclimate? Well, I suppose my A-type personality didn't fare well with sitting around in Edgewater, unable to figure out the University of Florida's online methods of signing up for everything. But it turned out that coming here really didn't help much b/c the people I needed to talk to were on vacation this week. So, it looks like this upcoming week will be my time to resolve all of my issues. I just hope that process will take up a few more of my daylight hours than my pitiful daily activities did last week.

In other news, I'm missing Mexico like the glaciers miss the O-zone layer... my friends are starting a new year of school tomorrow, and I keep picturing everyone happy and together and preparing for a bright, shiny, fresh new year. I also can't help but picture my former students in the hands of inexperienced teachers, and wishing I could just fly over there right now.

But I really should stop this whole dwelling thing. I doubt that it's good for me.


  1. Tara! I still love you and I still read your blog. I'd actually love to write you, but I am currently without internet. That should change though rather quickly. I will keep you informed and updated on my life.

  2. Hi Tara. I found your blog while doing web searches related to Lincoln School in Guadalajara. I was a student there in the 1970s, and I'm creating a Facebook group for past and present students, teachers, and administrators. I'm guessing you taught at Lincoln sometime in the recent past. If so, you no doubt have many connections with people from your experience there.

    I teach at Biola University and can be reached by email at (1), or (2)