Sunday, September 27, 2009

I just don't know...

I just don't know who to believe. After arriving in Teguc, I quickly realized that the news coverage of the Honduras coup was biased and incorrect in many aspects. If you watch the news or read an article in the U.S. regarding the political situation in Honduras, you will no doubt hear of the international superpowers' desire to reinstate Manual (Mel) Zelaya as president. However, in my first week here, in the various school orientation sessions when I had the chance to listen to the opinions of Hondurans, I soon learned that this is not the desire of most. Everyone I spoke to was pleased that Mel was removed from power. They rejoiced that they were no longer in danger of becoming a communist nation and they prayed that the U.S. and the U.N. would recognize this blessing.
Wow, I thought. Why doesn't anyone else know they feel this way?
However, the more I think about it, read about it, and speak to various people about it, the more I wonder if these views I heard initially are the views of only one particular class of people. Apparently Mel is well-liked among the poor, something I wouldn't have known by speaking to the more well-off school employees and families. So, I hesitate to choose sides. I really don't know enough (and I doubt that anyone really knows everything). All I want is for the fighting to end and for kids to be able to get to school safely once more.
Some typical sights around the city... The first is against Mel, the second is against those who ousted him:
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  1. Yeah, I remember when Macayla first told us her side of the story and then when Josh told me his. Very different...I agree that it simply needs to stop. It seems so inconsequential. It seems very petty and aren't most upsets just that? Petty?

    By the way, did Macayla have her wedding on Saturday???

  2. I dont know also..smiles..but I know that you have an interesting and nice blog..Gratz!