Thursday, April 01, 2010

Semana Santa.

Holy Week. Here in Honduras, some things really are still kept holy. Not like in the States, where somewhere along the road we abandoned our "old fashioned" conviction of taking a Sabbath day to close stores and be with family. Many places don't even close on Christmas anymore.
But here, as I walked the abandoned streets and blocks and blocks of closed-up store fronts, it was refreshing to be amid a culture that takes this holiday seriously. Our savior is alive! Yes, even though the very Catholic observance of Holy Week does seem to skewedly focus on the death over the resurrection, the fact that they take the time to focus at all is nice. And although it may be frustrating that there are hardly any buses or taxis on the roads, making it difficult to get around; and although I'd like to take these days to visit some places I haven't had time to see, but they're closed; I am still pleased by the simple fact that everything is closed, and I'm forced to relax. Which, after my fun trip to the beach, I'm happy to do. :)

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  1. Tara Lynne, I love your writing :) And I simply love you. You are an incredible friend. I am so blessed...