Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summer is here.

The birds tweet-tweet-tweeted me awake this morning, earlier than I had hoped, but they are an exceptionally better alarm clock than the dog or the smoker's cough next door.  I've been feeling like a blog abandoner, and have had growing urges to type out a message or two, but with the end of the school year happening in Honduras, and wedding plans gaining speed in los Estados I developed an aversion to my laptop.  What I once checked with regularity, I started avoiding for days at a time, in order to delay the elevated heart rate and breathing that 17 new, wedding-related e-mails could induce in me.  I've never considered myself a very good decision maker, and yet that is exactly what I'm expected to be right now.  I'm working on it.
Yesterday marked the transition between school year and vacations.  My friends, Mallory, and I celebrated by taking a day trip out to a water park on the outskirts of the city called Aqua Splash. It's something we've passed many times, heading out of Tegus, but none had ever gone.  After sitting in dead-stop traffic for a half hour, we finally arrived around noon and prayed that the empty-looking expanse of colorfully painted pools and slides was open. It was.  Some of the only other guests there were 15 or so orphaned teenagers, and their puppy Pieblo, who live in a home with a Swiss couple.  It was fun getting to know them a little, and one of them, Daniel, made sure to let us know when the park turned on some of the slides that we thought weren't working.  We returned home shockingly quickly, with that tight-skin/tired eyes feeling of spending a day in the water and sun.
Mallory and I will fly out on Monday, albeit on separate flights, back to Florida...which for me is now considered WeddingPlanningLand, because the planning I had been able to try and skirt and avoid while I was busy being a teacher finishing out the year is going to start full-swing.
The next couple of days will involve packing (tomorrow the school will help me bring some furniture and boxes to my new apartment for next year... so today I actually need things to get into boxes!), moving, mole-removal, bridesmaid dress fitting/pickup for Mallory, suit-picking-out for Daniel and his brothers, one last pre-marriage counseling session with the pastors, a potential last-Sunday day trip with the in-laws, and a goodbye to mi amor until he flies into Orlando a month after I do.  I hope my dear sister can keep up the pace as she says goodbye to Tegus as well.

Ciao for now.

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