Saturday, February 11, 2012

Cancelled Weekend Plans Update

No Spelling Bee today (see previous post).  Here's what I ended up doing with my free time.  

Daniel and I took a little day trip to el centro, a part of town we used to frequent in our dating days.  Now that I don't need to pass through centro in order to see him, we rarely go.  
However, there is a great craft supply store there (again, see previous post). . . and so the idea struck.  We stretched it into an afternoon--lunch, a visit to the surprisingly great museum that I'm surprised is here, some pants shopping for the hubby, and craft stuff for yours truly. 
I used to try and go to the museum in centro as often as they changed exhibits.  They had a Picasso exhibit about a year ago, and they also host a European film festival every year (but I missed it last year... or maybe it didn't happen... ?)  Well, this month it's a Salvador Dali exhibit of his illustrations of Dante's Inferno.  There was an illustration for each Canto. Here's one of my favorites.  

At my craft-store-of-joy I purchased lots of felt (have I mentioned that I'm going to make a stuffed felt owl for each of my students for the end of the year?), and some cardstock to make my valentine's gift for the kiddos.  If you don't understand the owl frenzy, let me just say that it has to do with the owl I made for Twana's niece (see prior post), which the kids just loved.  My second stuffed owl hangs out in the classroom with us. They like owls.   So do I. 
VDay present for my loves. 

Hey, by the way...Can you name, in less than 10 seconds, the northwestern four corners state?  How about finish lines of civil war poetry?  Do you know much about the missouri river? Or which president was in office for the Louisiana Purchase? Well, some impressive Honduran middle schoolers can answer those questions and much more!  Yesterday classes were canceled because our school was hosting the Knowledge Bowl, a two-day academic event in which groups of students from schools from all over the country came to compete in 30 minute-ish rounds of questions.  All teachers had to help out.  My job was a reader.  It was stressful... I had to make sure to read slowly, clearly, and follow the specified order of "toss up" versus "bonus" questions, and judge weather students' answers matched the given answer or not.  But, over all, it was pretty darn fun.  And yea, I'm seriously impressed by what these kids know.  It makes me wonder how I have ever learned, and lost, so much information!  


  1. PIN IT!!! or OWL! (get it? i. will.)

  2. Actually. Dont Pin it, because then everyone will know about them and I want to pretend like I'm just really creative when I re-create your cute little ideas

  3. Mallory, you're so funny. :)