Saturday, January 27, 2007

Parent Teacher Conferences

This was a short teaching week--only three days-- due to the fact that Thursday was an all day conference day and Friday was our monthy teacher meetings day. I was pretty nervous about the conferences, since I haven't really had much communication with many of the parents so far, and there is the communication barrier to think about.
The parents signed up for time slots during the day, and I had 14 of my 16 show up.. pretty good I think. It was really insightful in some cases (for example, I found out that one student who rarely turns in homwork didn't have to do homework in his previous schools in Canada and England.)
I also realized that here will probably be the only time in my life that I try to use my broken Spanish to communicate to a Korean mother with her broken Spanish. Very interesting. I hope we made some sense :)

Well, it is officially the weekend. I officially can not sleep in anymore. And.. I'm going to go do something. ByE!

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  1. I had parent teacher conferences this week also, but I did not have many parents show up. I think it is because I have been to so many birthday parties since I have been back that I have talked to every set of parents this month in brief settings....just a check-in I suppose to make sure their child is doing fine.

    I also have a little girl from China whose parents speak very little Spanish and absolutely no English, so I understand that difficulty.

    Did I tell you by the way that one of the teachers here at my school knows your roommate? Even though at times it seems like we are so far from Florida, it really is a small world after all.

    I'm painting a mural this weekend with a projector that I borrowed from school, and I'm going to have to send you a picture.

    Miss you like crazy! Can you ever be on skype sometime....please??