Sunday, March 04, 2007

My week.

On Wednesday the third graders got to go on a field trip to the BIMBO bread factory (yes, that's the real name of the brand of bread. It's very popular here). It was a very last minute trip... we were asked the Friday before if we wanted to go, because the 6th graders couldn't make it. Joy, Ms. Charo the Spanish teacher, Two parents, and I were the chaperones. It turned out to be a very interesting, fun trip! They had an introductory video explaining the history of bread and the BIMBO company. We had to were hairnets and headphones to hear our guide's voice (which was a great move because it prevented the kids from talking among themselves). We toured the factory and saw the awesome machines, conveyor belts, packaging, ovens, etc. The kids loved it.. and so did I! Perhaps one of their favorite parts of the trip was lunch time. They got to eat and play on this great on-site playground (with a full-sized soccer field!). Lincoln doesn't have much in the way of fields... well, none really... so that was a treat for them. After lunch, we came back to the theatre room and each of us was given an amazing gift bag full of BIMBO samples, little sandwich baggies, and toys. The children were definitely occupied on the way back to school.
Perhaps the greatest of all--the trip was free! We only paid for the bus. BIMBO must know that it's a great advertising scheme.
Unfortunately, I wasn't allowed to take any pictures. They took one group picture and gave it to the school. So, you won't be seeing my cute hair-net students :(

On Thursday I started having a sore throat again, and by Friday it hurt like crazy and I had a fever, the chills, body aches, etc. I'm thinking it might be strep throat, so I got some antibiotics just in case... i don't want to go infect all of my students tomorrow. You gotta love the non-prescription required pharmacy's here. It is so convenient. :)

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  1. Do Mexicans seem to overreact to sicknesses like Hondurans do? I had a fever for a few days and more than likely just had the flu, but every Honduran here was certain that I had Dengue Fever.

    We have yet to go on a field trip, and I'm not sure if that is a good or bad thing yet. BIMBO would have been cool though...they definitely have some tasty little treats.

    Since the school only used two of their cold days, I get next Monday off and I will either be traveling to El Salvador again or I will be heading to the Caribbean coast of Honduras for some much needed beach time. Either way, I will be at a beach this weekend.

    Please e-mail me sometime because I need to share some boy info with you that I don't necessarily want to post for the world to see. I need advice :)