Sunday, May 27, 2007

Clean Up

Yesterday I woke up way too early for a saturday to head out with some of the bible study friends to clean up an area called La Barranca. Charla organized it after visiting this spot with friends, and noticing that it was full of trash. This, of course, is true of many places in Mexico, but the beauty of this place merited our help. We drove down the cliff/plateau edge to reach a spot where we further descended over 400 stairs and a ladder into this absolutely gorgeous canyon. We were wedged between two cliffs, with waterfalls fed by hotsprings, a river with huge boulders, and greenery (in the dry season!).
The 17 of us workes for 2 or 3 hours filling over 50 garbage bags with nasty garbage. Then... this was the interesting part... we hauled it up to the car level assembly line style. However, because we only had 16 people helping, it took many trips. For the last stretch we just grabbed bags and carried them up. What a workout!
After that we went back down into the canyon and ate lunch, relaxed, and some swam in the water or waded in the hot springs.
It was a successful and fun day.
Unfortunately, yours truly did not bring a camera. So, I am awaiting pictures from someone who did. They will come.

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