Sunday, May 06, 2007


The sun is shining. blazing. scorching. The rain is not falling. The birds ARE chirping. It's springtime! There has (and will be) a lot going on at school after spring break. It is making this school year fly by very quickly. Two weeks after spring break, one of my students, Yuri, left for the states with her family. They are missionaries heading back for furlough. We planned a suprise goodbye party for her and her sister. Now that she's gone, the class is a very different place without her.
We had the mini-olypics in April, which I wrote a bit about below. And on April 30th it was Children's Day (Dia del NiƱo). I remember asking my parents why we had Mother's Day and Father's Day, but not Kid's day. Well, here in Mexico they do, and it's a pretty big deal, I guess. The kids all get presents from their families and apparently all of the bowling, skating, pizza, and ice cream joints in town are packed! So, for school we took the kids to a water park (I know, scary right?). Well, it didn't really have pools, just a slide, a wading pool with rafts, and a pirate ship that shot water around. There were many counselors there for supervision and for some games in the morning. The kids had a blast.
That's pretty much it, so far. There will be more to come this month.
Check out the pictures of these events by going to my picture website and clicking on "Springtime at Lincoln School"

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  1. We had Dia del Nino in September...funny how they are so far apart. We have a fun looking water park just outside of town, and the first time I passed by it I remembered thinking for a quick moment that it would be fun to go there on a field trip, but then I remembered that means I would have to watch my 21 kids at a water park. I check your blog all the time, and I love it when you have new posts. Thanks for keeping us all updated!