Sunday, August 19, 2007

...and more birthdays...

The time is here. We met. We planned. We worshiped. Last week was a typical back-to-work week at Lincoln. We start the day with a bible study, break into departmental meetings (in which we take forever introducing ourselves to the new people, and the Mexicans who have 20 something sons or brothers advertise their availability...), and try to find time to prepare for the first week of school.
This week was better for me this year because, since I am not new, there were a whole slew of meetings in which I did not need to participate.
I think I'm ready for the first day of school. This week is going to be weird, since I will be gone Thursday and Friday to be in Jess' wedding in Michigan, so planning was different--but also easier as I consulted last year's plans (being a second year teacher already has so many advantages!!)
Tonight was the third birthday celebration I've had since returning to Mexico! Yes, it is the 19th and a full 11 days past my birthday!
The first celebration was at school, where the August birthdays had a cake and a small party with the administrators (and a small bonus!). Then at bible study Friday night the August people were celebrated also. FiNaLLy ( I hope) tonight everyone and their mother came over to our house for cake because today is Chris' (a new Lincoln teacher) birthday. Despite my protests, I was included in this as well.
I think my birthday "party" total this year is six.

Tomorrow will be here so soon. I'm nervous. But in an excited kind of way.

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