Sunday, November 25, 2007

Save the Pandas!

I promise I had nothing to do with this!
Zuriel, one of my wonderful students, loves the Giant Panda bears from China. I've been hearing about his fascination since the first week of school when, before our morning prayer, he asked, "Miss Peterson, can you pray for the Pandas?"
"The Pandas?" - my intelligent response.
"You know, the Pandas. In China. They are dying".

So, that was when it began.
In the beginning of November, my students brought in science projects relating to our habitat theme. Zuriel, of course, chose to create a diorama showing the bamboo forests 'before' and 'after'. He did above and beyond and created a wonderful project.
But that's not all. Zuriel stayed up late making panda pins (which he drew and mounted on plastic and cut out), and he brought them to school on Presentation day with a poster entitled "Pandas Praying Club" (please read club with a long u sound.. because no matter how much I correct it, he will always pronounce it the Spanish way). Zuriel created a club that now meets on Thursday mornings before school, where we assemble outside to say a quick prayer for our endangered friends of the east (and the west, if you count the San Diego Zoo....) So, the phrase "Save the Pandas" has infiltrated our classroom... I hear it many times a day. I'm excited that I have a young activist blossoming before me. :) (Oh, and I almost have them all refusing the Styrofoam plates from the school's lunch store!)

Zuriel's panda project presentation.

Andrea's ocean habitat.

Hi Seok researched the Sahara Desert.

Tania did the forest.


  1. mallory.9:31 PM

    wow, your students are learning about the same kind of stuff I am learning about in Geography!
    Hehe, except we don't get to make cool dioramas ;)

    love you miss peterson!

  2. Tara-- That is a wonderful story! I'm definitely going to share it with my 3rd grade teacher roommate and she will love it!

    So, as for other big news...

    He's coming home with me for Christmas. To meet my parents. And you know what kind of questions will be asked. And he is prepared to answer them. Aaaah!

    But, you'll get to meet him and give me your opinion. We're flying in December 21st!!!