Saturday, May 22, 2010

Rich people and horses.

I didn't really have plans for this Saturday, so when I heard that two of my students would be in the same horseback riding competition, I decided to see if I could go and watch. I got a ride from the lovely Nicole's family, which was the only way I would have been able to get all the way out to the location.
The ride out was an event in itself. This particular student is German, but was born in the States and grew up here in Honduras. In the car ride, the languages flying through their SUV alternated between Spanish, English, and German. Spanish seems to be the language of choice among the kids, and even the mom most of the time. I wonder how a family decides what language to speak to one another in such a situation...?

So, when I thought about attending this event I guess I should have researched a little better the kinds of people who attend and participate in equestrian events. Let's just say they're not the kind who wear jean capris, layered tank tops, and flip flops. [more and more, I am realizing how much I stand out here due to my sloppy American style. Little did I know that here--in a third-world country--is where I would feel my most frumpy and under-dressed. The women here, even those without lots of money, never seem to leave the house without heels, a perfect pedicure, crisp clothes, and straight-from-the-salon hair. It's a lot to live up to. It makes me constantly wonder what my Honduran guy sees in me considering his other options!]

So, there I was, little old frumpy me in my Floridian casual-wear, already feeling out of place, when it is brought to my attention that the president's wife has just arrived. (This is the new president by the way, Pepe Lobo, not the interim prez who visited my classroom). Her kids were competing, too. You should have seen the security! There was an armed guy in a blue shirt everywhere you turned. There were camera men from TV stations and photographer's too. There were the snobbiest looking, plastic-surgerized ladies at every table.

And then there was me in my ripped jean capris. Oh golly.

Here is a picture of Nicole riding amid the gorgeous Honduran landscape!

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  1. oh, golly :) I love you. SOOOO excited to see you it is really ridiculous. you have no idea.