Friday, September 03, 2010

A few fotos and a quick update.

Hello to my select few fans! It is my favorite time of the week: Friday afternoon, and today I have decided to spend a couple of my precious favorite minutes with a quick update.

Below is a picture of my new house in the city. This is just the front gate. Once inside, there are entrances to several houses. Mine is the peach one in the back. I love it here. Just a couple of blocks away is anything I need. There is a great, big tree out front, and I have inspiring and lovely roommates.

This next picture was taken at an adorable cafe in a nearby town called Santa Lucia. I had visited the town several times and always went crazy over this teeny tiny house hanging onto this cliff. Well, lo and behold, it is now a cafe, so I could actually see the inside. It's a tea cafe and they also seem to sell herbs and I think food too. If you come and visit me, I'll take you. :)
And here are just a couple more pictures to enjoy. I would like you to pay particular attention to the spledorific clouds that we have here. They are always huge and gorgeous and contrasted with a bright blue sky.

That's all for now my friends!


  1. I love you dearly, Tara Lynne. With all my heart. You are beautiful. Soon enough we shall be re-united. I am thrilled that you are enjoying Honduras so. It suits you. Tell Daniel I said "hola. espero que esta bien." that's it for my spanish right now :0) I will work on that...


  2. Anonymous4:36 AM

    Great account of the electronics. Funny as you write the blog on an amazing computer, huh?