Monday, September 27, 2010

TVs, Microwaves, and everything else that makes life "Normal"

I just popped in a "House" DVD to watch on my new TV, after nuking a cup of water for my tea. It may sound mundane, but until a few weeks ago neither of these things were options. That's because my amazing dad came to visit and left me with goodies--including a really incredible TV and a shiny microwave that is changing my life.
I must admit--and I should stress that I do not want this to sound ungrateful in any way!--that the fact that two electronics is "life changing" makes me a little sick. In fact, I took pride in living without a TV or microwave. Yes, it was tough trying to gather several friends around a laptop in order to watch movies. And reheating spaghetti in a skillet or toaster-oven does require some creativity. However, knowing that I was living life without these seeming "essentials" made me feel pretty good about myself.

Trying to convince my dad of this, however, was unsuccessful. In his mind, a microwave and television are nearly as high on the list of basic necessities as toilet paper and running water. So, on his last day in town, we found ourselves comparison shopping in electronics stores.

Now I can only try to remember those "good old days" without a large screen and a quick way to cook things like frozen burritos (which, I'll have you know, take 2 minutes in a microwave versus an hour and a half in the oven. I mean, really..?). Hopefully I wont lose too much of my former self as I get more and more accustomed to once again being a part of the real world.

It's sad, isn't it, when something like popping in a DVD for background noise while I grade papers makes life seem more "normal." I kick myself a little every time a thought like that runs through my head.

I guess I should just end by saying that I will no longer take for granted these "basic" electronics. I will smile each and every time I press a power button. Ok, ok.. I will try.

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