Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Coffee and Children's Books

Today I had coffee with my friend Sarah after school.  Sarah used to teach first grade at Pinares, but she switched to third grade this year. Ironically, when Sarah was a first grade teacher, I got to see her and chat every day because of a mutual planning period.  Now that she teaches the same grade as I, however, we barely get a chance to say three words to one another during the day (no mutual planning period this year...)  It's sad because she is pretty much the coolest, most joyful and caring person I know.
Anyways, we went for coffee and then stopped by Spain's Cultural Center which has had a children's book illustration exhibit on display for a couple months now.  It's an awesome exhibit because it's art + children's books = two of my very favorite things.  I had been before and seen the display, but I noticed again a book they have set out, called The War of the Numbers (published in 2009 in Spain, written/illustrated by Juan Darién.) 
It's a very creative, fun story about how the poor number 1 feels sad about being so small, so he fights back with a new secret weapon--the minus sign.  Pretty soon, all the other numbers get beaten down to measly old zeros. But the ending is happy, when the one and zero unite to create a new number: 10!

It's been almost 3 years since I finished my master's degree and spent quality time with really cool children's literature, and I miss it. I want to do more to keep up to date with what is happening in the Kid Lit world.  Maybe I will keep sharing what I find.  :)
Happy Tuesday.

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