Sunday, January 15, 2012

Making Coffee on a Sunday Morning

This is my new coffee-making procedure at home.  They sell these little cheesecloth socks in the coffee aisle at every grocery store.  All you do is put the coffee inside and then pour hot water through it.  

I do have a real coffee-maker... but I think I have given up on it.  The coffee it makes always tastes terrible.  I've tried messing with the ratios, I have tried replacing it's built-in filter with a paper filter, and my last attempt was using my new Starbucks Christmas blend coffee; thinking surely that would taste better--but no.  

So, aside from the fact that little coffee grounds sometimes escape through the cloth, this method produces much yummier coffee than my cheap-o coffee pot.  

No church for me today, unfortunately.  Daniel helped our pastor find a person to hire to run their sound equipment and get everything set up on Sunday mornings (our church rents a place each week instead of owning their own building, so there is a lot to get ready and take down on Sundays).   So, since Daniel is the one who knows about all the equipment and who found the guy, he had to wake up and leave wayyyyy too early this morning in order to help him out his first week on the job.  
I decided to stay home, instead of getting to church three hours early and then sitting through the two hour sermon.  I'll listen to a sermon online today.  

Happy Sunday. Enjoy your coffee. :)

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