Monday, April 16, 2012

Corn Islands, Part 2

About a kilometer away from our hotel on Big Corn was an incredibly gorgeous beach that, apparently, no one liked to go to.  The water was clear and gorgeous, the sand was soft, there was no trash...and yet, the tourists tended to prefer another, more restaurant-filled, beach instead.  This was much to our delight, since we got the run of the place.  We spent our first day at this beach, after checking into our hotel at around 8:30 a.m. (hooray for early flights!), along with several other of our days.  
At our favorite beach, Long Bay. 

Where is everybody?

Our spot

Daniel really loves the underwater camera. 

I made a few friends along the way.  
I guess I should mention that, aside from the amazing beauty and friendly people, I don't have a whole lot to share with you about the trip.  This is not the place for someone looking for an eco-adventure or a lot of night life (although, admittedly, we didn't really seek out the latter...).  If your idea of a great getaway is laying around ALL day in paradise, reading... then Big Corn is great!

Little Corn Island, on the other had, we found to offer a bit more for the tourists.  This was the place to find the scuba divers, the hippies, the backpackers, the expatriots who made excellent food, and the snorkeling tours.  The island is small, and there are no cars.  We arrived to a muchacho, Mizael, holding up a sign with our names on it. He led us past the divers, hippies, backpackers, and restaurants, then cut across the jungle-y part of the island to the tranquil coast on the opposite side.  After a short hike through the sand we reached our awesome, rustic, beach cabañas.

Over all, this trip was unforgettable.  I can't believe it's so undiscovered, and yet that's exactly what I loved about it.  

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