Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Best Year Ever and The Year of Provision

When 2011 was on the horizon, Daniel and I had the mutual prediction that it was going to be "The Best Year Ever," and it was.

In February, I bought a car in Honduras. 

In March my mom came to visit and we threw Daniel a fun birthday party. 

In April, I got engaged on a beach in El Salvador.

In May my sister came to visit for a whole month!
That's Mal, back row, left side, at my
shower in Honduras.

In July I got married!

In August, Daniel and I moved into our first place.

(Hmm.. I need to find a picture of our house!)

At work in 2011, I finished a difficult teaching year and began an amazing one.

Overall, 2011 was amazing.  It earned the title, "Best Year Ever."

Now that we're in 2012 I've been trying to name it, too.
I've decided to call it, Year of Provision.
In 2012 I've been learning to stop worrying and let God truly have the control.

At the end of February I was almost robbed and then I wasn't.  God provided a way out. 

And the most recent act of provision was Daniel's visa!  Our final visa appointment was on Monday, and we were pretty nervous about it.  It was so difficult to get in touch with the embasssy, so many of my questions were unanswered before we went.  I wasn't sure our paperwork was all correct.  However, not only did things go smoothly with the appointment, but on the VERY DAY of our appointment they had changed the cost of the visa--about $170 less than what we had been told.   Considering the fact that we were basically broke at that moment (having just splurged on an incredible Semana Santa trip, in addition to taking out money for the visa and other visa requirements, the money was extremely helpful!
It wasn't until later that I really stopped to consider God's hand in all of it.
I had been reading and rereading and rereading the Beatitudes in Matthew in the days before our appointment, and had paid particular attention to the verse, "Do not worry about your life."  After Monday, I understand why that verse stuck with me.   And as we now try planning our move to Florida, I'm repeatedly struck with this anxious, nervous, "what if" feeling, and yet I know that I shouldn't be.  I know that the God who provides safety and Visas and unexpected cash will also provide jobs and a house and all the other stuff we'll need come summertime.

So bring it on, 2012, Year of Provision!  It's all going to work out.

Have you ever stopped to consider what you would title a current or past year?  If so, what year and what name?

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  1. I have to say - worrying does no good. I can't remember the verse now (which is odd), but there was one that got me through some tough times. And I'm so thankful for being able to move past my worry.

    Hope your planning for the move goes well! And hope to see you when you're back on US soil!