Tuesday, May 01, 2012

How it feels to be robbed.

1.  Scary.
Once you realize that the guys are not just walking down the street, but really heading your way with bad intentions, your body may start shaking and your feet might forget how to work, and your Spanish skills might swirl down the drain.

2.  Outrageous.
After the initial shock, you'll become offended and insulted at the injustice of someone thinking that they can try to point a gun at your husband and take what they want, when they want, where they want.

3. Frustrating.
You might want to scream at them because other time the robbers have been decent enough to give you back your ID cards, which they do not need and which cause a great hassle to replace.  Or your favorite purse that a man would, seemingly, not need or want to carry around.  But no... not this time.  When asked a final time to return the identification, the robbers just might reply, "Come and get it" as they run off.   Jerks.

4.  Lingering.
You might be paranoid afterwards, triple and quadruple checking the street before you go anywhere near the gate.  You might replay the scene in your head a hundred times, wondering how you could have gotten inside faster and avoided it.  Or congratulating yourself for stuffing your wedding rings in your underwear when they were distracted.

You might hate the fact that your friend had to be with you that night, had to be exposed to such a thing.

You might try your hardest not to let events such as these ruin your perception of Honduras itself as you finish out your last few months here.

You might thank God that it was only stuff, and that nothing serious happened, yet still wonder why it had to happen at all.

And you move on.  Because it's happened before, and it could very well happen again.  And there's a life to live out there... free of fear and doubt. 

You might want to throw some humor into it...

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