Sunday, May 27, 2012

10 Things I'll Miss About Honduras

In less than one month Daniel and I will board a one way flight to Florida.  As you might expect, I get pretty sentimental when I reflect upon that fact.   For a long time, I've been mentally compiling a list of all the things I'll miss about Honduras, and I figure it's time to write them down.  Here you go: 

1. My students. 
Why are they SO adorable?
They are why I'm here, and I honestly haven't met sweeter, cooler kids than they.
Where else will I teach kids who call me "the Miss", who completely omit question words from questions ("I can go to the bathroom?"), and whose families feel like my family?  Answer: probably nowhere....

2. My teacher-friends. 

I doubt I'll ever work in a place with so many like-minded, same-aged, same-faith coworkers.  Every day my friends here challenge me to be a better person and to love God more ardently.  Too bad we're all scattering to the four corners of the earth (or the States) in one month...  :( 

3. Markets full of fresh fruits and veggies. 
Seriously cheap.
My goal is to eat as many mangoes and avocados as I can before I return to the land where they cost $2 each instead of $0.50.  

4. Mango Verde.
(and all other street foods that are cheap and delicious)
Lleva tu mango verde
I like mine with salt and chili.
(Photo credit: estebandid)

5. Trips. 
It seems like Latin Americans, and those of us who live among them, need very little excuse to take a weekend trip.  Three-day weekend?  Beach time!  Regular weekend?  Let's go anyway!  I don't know why we Americans (well, maybe you do... I'm generalizing) don't head off to explore new places every chance we get.
(Maybe because transportation and hotels are so much more expensive in the U.S.)

6. Learning Spanish every day. 

Spanish Language Wikipedia logo
 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I guess Daniel will help me with this.... but it won't be the same!

7. Maids
Enough said. 

8. Espresso Americano (i.e. Starbucks for 1/4 the price!)

I never even liked coffee until grad school.  Now, thanks to the affordability of stopping to get a latte whenever I pass an Espresso Americano, I'm hooked.  I better get un-hooked fast, because I know how expensive this habit will be in the States.

9. Spanglish, and those who understand it.

"Baby, traeme mi phone, please!"
"Did you sacar it?"
"I went to the supermercado with my mom to hacer mandados and...."

If you don't know what those phrases mean, then my point is made.
No more lazy talk for me...

10.  Crazy Sightings
They were trying to tie these bags onto the truck.
Where else do you see such randomness?

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