Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Off the Radar

Hi friends.  Remember me?  I'm that girl who used to blog fairly regularly in Honduras... but has since lived a whirlwind of speedy, American life and hasn't had the time, or motivation... or something.... to keep people updated.  (I blame some of it on the Olympics).
Here is what's on my mind at the moment.

Everyone asks me if I miss Honduras.  They've asked since, like, Day 2 of returning to Florida.  So, sometimes, my answer was, "no."  Do you miss something you only just left?

Now, however, it's different.  It's August now.  I thought that the incredible blur of job hunting and finding, apartment hunting and renting, moving and decorating would mask all thoughts of going abroad.  But things have slowed down this week and last.  I can't go work in my classroom and I don't have enough money to go out and buy the things I want/need for the apartment (or my classroom).  So, perhaps for that reason, I'm dwelling on the fact that many of my friends are packing their 2 suitcases in order to head back for another year.  Some of them are going to teach my very own babies.

I want to take my mind off it by working, but I'm mysteriously not permitted to go to my classroom early.  I had a dream last night (one I have often before a new school year) that it was the first day of school and I had NOTHING ready.  yikes. So I fill my time on Pinterest and teacher blogs, filling up my brain with all kinds of to-do lists... but that ends up making me even more stressed out.
I've been making pennant banners to decorate
my classroom.  Useless?  Maybe.  Cute?  For sure!

Tomorrow is my birthday.  My last birthday in Florida was in 2008.  It feels weird.

And that is... the end.
 Sorry if it's a downer.

image credits go to  economist.com, etsy.com, and gifttree.com 

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