Friday, August 10, 2012

States Survival Kit

Today, after working in my classroom (more on that later), and lunch with dad (he gave me a huge TV--!!!), and a trip to IKEA (needed something to put the TV on), I had the added surprise of three packages sitting in my mailbox. 

Thank you Caroline,  Mal, and Mom!

Let me tell you a bit about this girl, Caroline.  She was my roommate my second year in Honduras, she writes a pretty amazing blog [ here ] , and she lives out the gospel--loving people and God--like no one I know.
Take a look at the States Survival Kit she made me, and you'll understand just how special she is.

A Care package from my friend, Care.
This is what she wrote:

States Survival Kit
  • Party Snacks Recipes - I know it's hard, but press in to new community--your life depends on it! (So HOST PARTIES!)

  •  Heart Bracelets - for those moments you miss your hondy students and want to dress like them.  


  • Celebration Candles - notice these are NOT birthday candles.  Find something to celebrate and then light these babies! 

  • Razzles - for you to smile when you're 30 :)

  • Batman Roller Stamps -  So you'll be a hit with new students.

  •  Thank You Cards - being grateful does wonders for your soul!

  • Love Cards - to keep and give as reminders

Now, Stay Alive!

Thank you, Caroline!

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  1. Haha - just came perusing and found this gem. I am SO glad you loved it... now how are those batman roller stamps treating you? :)