Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Banish the Skinny Talk

Via this amazing article from the Gospel Coalition, I found some of these hilarious advertisements from way (?) back when...when a little cushion and curves was considered waayyyy hotter than skinny.   Who wishes for that time period?  And who finds it sad if we do?

Article Quote:  "Historically, padded women were considered beautiful, because only the rich and idle could achieve such a figure, and because curviness indicated fertility. For women of past generations curviness was extremely hard to achieve unless you had the money to eat well and work little. Thanks to trans fats and high-fructose corn syrup, this is no longer the case. Ironically, the rich and idle of today strive to look undernourished and overworked. And the rest of us rush to follow suit."

Article Quote: "What if in 2013 we decided to fast not from food but from body-talk? Sure---hit the gym, eat the Paleo diet, run six miles a day, wear Spanx from neck to knee. Just stop talking about it. Stop telling your friend she looks skinny---instead tell her you love her sweet spirit." 
Article Quote: "If someone comments on your own shape, say thanks and change the subject. Banish body-talk to the same list of off-limits topics as salaries, name-dropping, and colonoscopies. Apply the discipline you use to work out to controlling your tongue. Do this for your sisters, and by the grace of God, we could begin a legacy of womanhood that celebrates character over carb-avoidance, godliness over glamour."

Article Quote: "Where will you devote your energy in the new year? Go on a diet from discussing shape and size. Feast on the Word of Truth."

How's that for a New Year's Resolution?


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  1. LOVE. Seriously, love this. What a great way to go into the new year! I can't wait to put on some weight with you soon ;)