Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Keep Calm.

Do you hate the sound of your voice on tape?
I do.

I once had to record myself interviewing a teacher for a doctoral class I was taking in grad school.  Then I did lots of super fancy language-analyzing and wrote a lengthy paper, which I presented to my class, complete with {required} audio clips from the interview.   You can probably imagine how red my face got at those parts--not just for the awful pitch I perceived in my voice, but for the fact that a group of my very smart peers were sitting there listening to my conversation--my questions, my giggles, my 'ums', my reactions.

Can you imagine how much worse my embarrassment might have been if my classmates had been watching a video recording of me instead of just the audio?  There would be so much more to cringe about than my strange voice; such as my weird mannerisms, shiny skin, or hair mishaps.

I think that I will soon know how that feels.

During our staff meeting tomorrow afternoon, the other teachers at my school will gather together to watch...you guessed it...me. Teaching a lesson.  On the big screen.   {holyfreakingcowwhathaveIgottenmyselfinto!?!?!}

It's a good thing. Really.  At least that's what I keep telling myself.  {Over and over.}  The administration wants to show other teachers the things they like about my teaching style (which, as I told them, is totally and completely stolen from the masterminds of Whole Brain Teaching!!!)

But I'm freaking out.  Because when I was approached about the video, I was told that another teacher was also being recorded for a similar purpose.  But she didn't get recorded.

And so what might happen tomorrow could be my very worst kind of nightmare.... A cafeteria full of my colleagues watching {and listening to} me {and only me} on screen.  

To get through tomorrow....

This better be one killer addition to my resume, that's all I'm sayin'.

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  1. Tara! This is amazing for you! I can completely understand being nervous having everyone watch you. Heck, I get nervous just having my mentor teacher watch me! BUT if admin wants to share it with the whole staff, you must be pretty darn fabulous...and I know you are! <3