Sunday, September 24, 2006

Fruits and Veggies!

I love little markets! I started shopping at this little mercado down the street where there are different stalls selling different types of food. There were a couple fruit/veggie people, a cremeria which sells cheeses and tortillas and bread, and some meat places (yuck...), also there are little shops around the edges selling cheap plastic/household items/toys. Saturday morning I walked down and came back with two bags and a purse full of food, for about $9. I bought Panela (a soft, mild cheese), tortillas, lettuce, carrots, fresh green beans, strawberries, a pear, green pepper, apple, orange, and peach.
Saturdays are turning into my domestic days. After I buy the fruits and vegetables I have to soak them for 15 minutes in water with this disinfecting solution. So I end up spending a good portion of time in the kitchen. Saturday was, "hey...Why don't I make soup", "Oh, I should cook some of my brown rice for the soup", "Why don't I make some of these green beans to eat with the rice"
Yay for having a job! I love the feeling of not having papers, reading, projects, and tests looming over me. Although I definitely have "homework" as a teacher, it's not the same. I feel much more free.


  1. mallory10:11 AM

    Lucky you.
    Now I have all the homework, papers and exams at 8:00 on Friday nights.
    I am happy for you though.

  2. Anonymous1:36 PM

    I am loving grad school, but I am already looking forward to having a job. I am, at the moment, finishing up my exhibition review that's due tomorrow morning at 10am. :p

    And like Mallory, I am happy for you, too. You have had your fair share of projects and papers with elem. ed. Congrats :)

    -love Rachel

  3. I have so much free time too! I love it! Who would have thought that we'd be so spoiled to only have a 40 hour a week job? Before it was like 20 hours of school, 20 hours of work, 15 hours of work, and so on...

    I love the markets here too. I feel especially good supporting the local farmers. To me, its like another way to stick it to big corporations. You don't intimidate me Wal-Mart...

    Wow, sorry for that completely off-topic rant. Anyways, I love you and I check your blog for updates all the time. Miss you like mad.

    P.S. want to come with us to antigua and belize for semana santa?

  4. Joy's Dad12:46 PM

    Tara, this is Joy's dad...just a warning...she's not domesticated yet so to leave her with a chore such as checking on your beans is taking a chance at best. Glad to see you are getting into the culture. Enjoy it to the fullest. Keep an eye out for my little girl. I sure do miss her.