Saturday, September 30, 2006

Marcos Witt

Last night 7 of us girls went to the Marcos Witt concert here in Guadalajara at the Plaza del Torros (a big, round, bullfighting stadium). I didn't know anything about Marcos Witt, but some of the girls did and liked him. I wasn't going to go originally, but some girls ended up changing their minds so a ticket opened up for me. I am glad, because I had a really good time! Marcos Witt is amazing! He is apparently American-a Missionary Kid, but his music is totally Latin, all in Spanish. He never spoke English and I wouldn't have known he was American if no one told me. His music is very upbeat, fun, Latin praise songs. Some of the churches that I've been to in town use his songs during worship.
Our tickets were the cheap, nosebleeds... but they ended up being just fine because it rained during the entire concert, and our seats waaaay up top were the only ones with cover!
After the concert (at 11:45ish or 12:00... we were hungry so we walked around the corner with Quetzal and his 80 friends to the little bitty restaurant run out of the house of a friend of his. It was so cute! There were only a few seats out in the restaurant area so Quetzal went and talked to someone and then we ended up inside their living/dining room. About 10 minutes later all the Mexican friends showed up and their house was filled with us! The dad and brother were running around and very graciously waiting on us and trying to meet our every need! I had a wonderful chicken mole tamale for $1. Yay for true Mexican hospitality! It is almost embarrassing how well Quetzal and his friends treat us-- making sure we get tickets for what we want, driving us home when the buses stop running or we don't know where to go... showing us around the city. I must say it's quite useful, but I feel bad being totally helpless and unable to return the favors.

So, I went to bed late and really looked forward to a nice long morning of sleeping in. But, no. Apparently the garbage men bang a cowbell really loud to let you know they're outside... so at 9 a.m. I was not-so-gently awakened to the lovely clanging of a cowbell right outside my window! wow. Lately I've been getting more sleep during the schoolweek than the weekend.

Well, if you have iTunes you should check out some of Marcos Witt's music!

Another great one is Danilo Montero. I may even like him better.

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  1. Anonymous5:47 AM

    you sound like you are having so much fun and making wonderful friends. I miss you like crazy, but I am glad we are both having these experiences. Liverpool smelled bad by the way. I wasn't too impressed. You would think that the hometown of the Beatles would be better taken care of...anywho. I love you and miss you. Talk to you on Skype sometime soon, Ms. Peterson.

    Rachel, MA

    Is there a title for people with an MA? Maybe I need to get a PhD so I can be Dr. Rachel :) haha