Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Honesty and Initiative.

So I have this little notebook in my classroom that I use for keeping track of the kid's Spanish (or Korean) speaking.
All it entails is a vertical list of the student's numbers, and the days of the week written across the top. If they speak in Spanish in class, they must put a tally mark next to their name in that day's box.
Well, I haven't touched the thing for weeks! Someone, each Monday, sets up the page with the numbers and the days of the week. This past Monday, after school, I returned after school to see that not only had someone set up the columns for the week, but three students had tallied for Spanish usage!
I can't remember the last time I've actually told a kid not to speak Spanish in class.... they're just so honest about it.

I taught them about "taking the initiative" this week. (That was a common theme at home when I was young... right mom?). However, unlike last year, I taught it to describe what they were already doing, rather than what they should be doing.

Gotta love them.

In other news, there is no school tomorrow OR Friday, although tomorrow is an in-service day. And, I'm going away for the weekend. Expect some pictures soonish!

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