Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Home, Sweet Home

We're "home"!
So much has happened since we left Honduras on Sunday, so I'm going to try to make this a brief catch-up post.  Here you go:

Easy Travel
I pictured something more like this....
We were warned that, due to Daniel's visa status and the need to have a meeting upon arrival in the States, we could be in customs for hours and hours.  We purposely bought a ticket with Copa Airlines because it allowed us clear customs in Orlando, and not worry about making a connecting flight.  But it did not take hours.  Not even one!  Exactly one hour after our plane touched the ground, we were done with the "meeting" and had luggage in hand.  Thanks, God!

Real Life

On Monday, our first day back, I lined up a job interview with a school that had called me a couple weeks ago (on my U.S. phone...).  Then we went to the bank to change my name (Espinoza!!) and get Daniel a bank account. After that we headed to the Social Security Office and changed my name once again. Other events included buying a shirt to wear to interview and visiting family.

First this....

Then this.....
I wore similar pieces to my interview...
But I'd have LOVED that red bag!
Tuesday started with me taking my car in to get it's oil changed and tires checked before I drove out to Orlando for my job interview.  It turned out that my radiator was leaking and they fixed it (quickly, thank the lord) (for half a month's pay in Honduras).

My interview was at a school that initially scared me, but later inspired me.  It is in a poor, transient community, in which I saw no white people before entering the school.  The top languages spoken are Spanish and Creole, and 100% of the students qualify for free breakfast and lunch.  That's a Title I school if I've ever seen one.  They also have bilingual and ESOL sheltered classes.  It's a very neat place.  I left with positive comments about my interviewing skills and a promising request not to accept any other job offers before hearing back from them.
But then I heard back from a school I deemed my "dream school."  The principal let me know that a fourth grade position would be posted soon and that I should apply!  Awesome, right??  Only downside... it's not in Orlando, where Daniel can potentially find employment.  It's in the Sebastian/Vero area (actually called Fellsmere), where we have yet to find anything that Daniel could do.  Why, oh why??  I applied anyways, and will interview anyways, and will pray pray pray that God directs us to the right place.

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