Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What I'm Thinking...

What I'm thinking about on my days off:

1. My itchy throat.
I don't know what is causing it, but for the past month or so my throat has been giving me issues. It itches.  Badly! The doctor at school gave me some meds that didn't help, so she put me on an antibiotic.  That didn't help either, so she said it was probably allergies.
I've never had allergy problems before... and I find it weird that something would surface after three years in Honduras.  However, I hope that I am allergic to something here, and that it goes away in two weeks when I'm back in Florida, because this itchy throat is often unbearable.  My friends find it normal now when I pepper a conversation with a very attractive hawking noise--the only thing that sort of relieves the itch.

2.  Jobs.
I just want to know where I'll be working.  If I'll be teaching, I want to know what grade so that I can prepare and gather ideas.  It's looking like Daniel will have a job before I do, which is great... but also frustrating.

3.  Katie Davis.
See the previous post.  I can't get that girl and her awesomeness off my mind.

4.  Saying goodbye to great friends.  
All the saddest farewells are coming up quickly.  I can do this!

5. My ten year high school reunion. 
I think it's this weekend, and, obviously, I'm not there.  I'm not disappointed to miss it--I never was much for school spirit--I'm more just reminiscing on the fact that I'm getting old.  On the other hand, last summer I found the dress I wore for senior project presentations in twelfth grade in my closet (which means that it somehow avoided the annual closet purge for ten years now!) and it fits me again!  I actually wore it often this year--its a good teacher dress.  Hooray for shrinking back down to high school sized me!

6. Starting a new blog.
Because I'm no longer taralpeterson, and since I am soon to begin another adventure Stateside, I'm considering ditching Plans to Prosper for something shiny and new.  The draw of blank pages are calling me...

What about you?  What has been on your mind lately?

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