Thursday, August 17, 2006

Backdated post.

Because I didn't have the internet until today (the 18th), I typed up a little bit the day after I arrived in GDL. So here it is:

August 11th, 2006

I think I like it here a little more than I should. I mean, who really likes a dirty city, full of potholes, traffic, and unsafe water? I guess I do, but for other reasons. For example, dinner last night. The other new teachers and I ate at a small, adorable, open-air restaurant down the street. The waiters were nice and patient. They helped us with our Spanish (Popote is “drinking straw” here). And, best of all, when we ordered guacamole a man came out with a little table on which he scooped out half of an avocado into a mortar, added some onions, tomatoes, and other ingredients, and mixed it right there for us to watch. I’ve never liked guacamole until last night!
My house is so cute! Downstairs there is a big kitchen, living room, dining room, and one (unused )bedroom with a bathroom. When you come to the top of the stairs there is a big, open room, off of which is Joy’s room, my room, a bathroom, and a door to this semi-enclosed room where the washing machine is. We are supposed to be getting a dryer soon, too!
We discovered this morning that we have a gas water-heater that will occasionally go out (there was no hot water this morning) so we have to light it whenever it’s off.
Today we all went to Wal-Mart and bought out the store. So far, it’s not cheaper than the states. Actually, a lot of it is imported and therefore more expensive. I couldn’t find a decent desk lamp for less than $15.00. I still need to buy a rug, because the whole house is tiled and it gets cold. Speaking of cold, we have no air conditioning, but it doesn’t matter! At least not in the day ½ I’ve been here. It is perfectly cool. My bed only has sheets on it at the moment and, although I didn’t sleep particularly well last night, I never was cold.
This afternoon I decorated my room a little. I also went next door to the “big house” and helped some girls assemble desks they had purchased. Tonight we are going to watch a Spanish movie at our house (because we have a dvd player).
Adios for now!

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