Saturday, August 19, 2006

It is Ready!

Last night I had the pleasure of leaving the two-block radius that has been my constant habitat for the past week. Three of the other new teachers and I went to a bible study with students from the medical school that is here in GDL. We took a bus, a walk, and a taxi that got lost to get there, but we found it. It was really nice to meet some new people, and it is incredible to see how God puts people together. We were the perfect picture of a "politically correct" class. There were Americans, Asians, Mexicans, Argentinians, and even a girl from Holland. I had a good time. And it was a great break since I was back at school at 10:00 this morning doing more work in my classroom. It took me until 6:45.. but I did it. My room is ready!

1. This is what my room looked like for the first three days... with lots of other people's things in it.

2. Here is my door, with my cute homemade passes and our little system to tell where we are.

3. These bookshelves are basically the only storage in the room.

4. Here it is pretty much set up for the first day. My desk is in the front on the right.

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  1. Anonymous4:00 PM

    I showed these pictures to some of the teachers at Ketterlinus and they couldn't believe how tiny the classroom is. I'm just happy that you're settling in well. Do you need anything else for your classroom from the good ole U.S. of A? Love you and miss you lots!