Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Mis Alumnos

SO, I've made it through day 3. Things are getting better. The students are just about the cutest things in the world.
I taught my first (ever?) bible lesson yesterday. Within about 2 minutes I was asked about the Trinity: "How can the three be in the same one thing?" and "If God made everything, who made God first?". Hmm... the eternal questions. I did my best and then left it at "Wow, what great questions! I'm planning to ask God that when I get to heaven!"

The confining classroom is still.. confining. It's frustrating to have pretty much only one tiny surface for turning in papers. So I clear it onto a pile on my desk when they need to turn something else in. This will take some getting used to because I'm the kind of person who finds it really hard to get work done with my desk is messy.

Well, I must go do some grocery shopping. Tomorrow is Open House! I'm nervous about the language barrier! But I've heard that all they really want to do is shake your hand and get the books to be covered (they take all books to papelerias around here to get professionally covered.

Here are some pictures of my kids: I took them all individually but I only included one because it was the way cutest!


  1. Mallory5:21 PM

    Wow, your kids are beautiful! Just like their teacher!!!

  2. mallory9:41 PM

    alumnos y no estudiantes? por que?