Sunday, August 27, 2006


Another weekend here and gone. I'm finding that I am not dreading Monday as much as I usually would. I'm excited to get another week started. A real week. A routine.
The weekends are my time to explore the city a little. I am really hoping for the time when my workweeks get a bit less loaded so that I can leave our neighborhood on a weekday, but for now the weekends are my time for getting away... and usually using many forms of transportation.
This Friday I returned to the bible study with the medical students, along with a couple more girls from the big house, and a few newbies in the study. It's really incredible how God has brought everyone together. I was told that the group began only about five weeks ago with 4 or 5 people who met up in classes and discovered they were all christians. Now, there are over 20 people there, with new people every week. Last week we took a bus, a walk, and a cab to get there. This week, one of the girls called Manuel, the man with the van who picked us all up from the airport. His van must be some kind of private cab... he charged us 100 pesos for the trip across town, about $10. Split among 5 people, and cutting the travel time in half, made it well worth it. The ride home has been provided by two of the bible study 'leaders' who are amazingly generous to drive us to a totally different part of town around midnight.
Saturday was Jillaine's birthday, so we took her out to breakfast in the morning at an old American style diner down the street. (I had the BEST pancakes!). Then, one of the culinarily talented girls of the group snuck over to my house to bake some cakes. Then we lured her over with a little fib later on in the night for a cake and "My Fair Lady" (her fav. movie) party.
I went to my roommates church this morning, along with 5 other girls. Joy had to be there 2 hours early for worship practice, so we took the bus. It was one of the easiest trips I've taken by bus. We walked through the back of our neighborhood to catch it, as opposed to the dirty, flooded main street where most busses run. Then we took the clean bus pretty much right to the doorstep of the church. I believe it was a missionary alliance church, small, but full. I really liked the message and the pastor spoke SO softly and slowly and clearly and I totally understood it! Probably more than most of the Spanish I've heard this whole time. It was quite nice.

I hope that all who read this are doing well, and I pray you have a great upcoming week!

Here is a picture from Open House night. We tried to all get together, but it didn't work, so these are most of the girls from the big house (and mine).
The back row, left to right: Betsy, Rachel, Megan, Lindsay, Charla.
The front row, left to right: Kelly, Jillaine, ME, Cyntia (the one Mexican teacher living at the house), and Joy (my roommate).
Not included: Rebecca and Jaque (pr. Jackie), who also live in the big house.

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  1. Anonymous10:08 PM

    You guys are so cute and teacher-looking! I hope you're loving it down there.'re having bible study with med students? You must elaborate. Any nomadic doctors with Columbia attire?

    Love, Kate