Friday, October 13, 2006

a couple pics from today

I took a couple pictures of my boys today.

Seth, Oscar, Carlos, Pablo

Oscar, Gustavo, Pablo, Edgar (and Victor in the front)

They're all so cute. Well.... most of the time.


  1. They all look so precious! I am sure they can probably be a handful at times, but that little Oscar looks adorable! I miss working with kids :( I had a dream about one of the babies I cared for in Sebastian like 4 years ago. He's like 4 or 5 now...makes me sad. Anywho. I MISS YOU TARA LYNNE!!!! I love you, too :)

  2. I am jealous because your kids get to see you all the time and I don't. Is it healthy to be jealous of 9 year olds?

  3. Anonymous12:53 PM

    your boys ar beautiful!

    not as much as you though!

    I love you more than they do.
    love, mal