Thursday, October 19, 2006


I'm pretty impressed by the honesty of my students. Here are some examples from today.

At one point, during a bible 'sword drill' where the class races to find the bible verse and whoever finds it first and stands up may read it, there was a tie between two of my boys. Well, soon after about 6 of the kids were chanting the name of one boy. This made me pretty mad, and after I asked how they would like it to have the class rooting against them, I called the few whom I had certainly seen to turn their cards.
Well, I didn't notice all of the chanters, because soon I had a few students saying, "I did it too, Miss Peterson." "You forgot me". As they walked to turn their cards.... shame faced. Well, hopefully. :) It was hard to stay mad after that.

Ok, second example. This week the third graders had exams in Spanish class. Today was their History of Jalisco test, and from what I could tell by their anxiety, it would be hard. When I came back to the room after the test and asked how it went, most said pretty well. But one student, who is of my funniest boys but also the one who gets in the most trouble for talking/playing around, told me he things he got a zero. When I asked why he said, "Well, I was looking at Yuri's paper and Miss Charo saw me and told me I would not get all my points". and I asked, "Was it an accident, were you just looking around, or did you really look at her answers to copy them?" and he said, "No, I was really looking at her answers."
tear. He didn't seem to have a great deal of remorse... but he was certainly honest about it. (He assured me he would never cheat in my class.... I'll be seeing about that..)

Oh.... Even though it has been a super crazy, tiring, weird week... I love my kids a lot today. And that makes up for it all.


  1. Too funny. Well, I have one student display their honesty yesterday. That was inflected with sarcasm by the way...

    Anyways, Moises (a really good kid who always listens and doesn't get in trouble) comes up to me and says that Fernando (my funniest but most troublesome student) bit him, and shows me his arm, where it definitely had teeth marks. I ask Fernando, and he says no. I showed him the teeth marks, and he still says no. I even show him where the teeth marks on Moises's arm match exactly where he is missing teeth, and he still says no.

    I think he honestly believed he didn't bite him...

  2. Tara,
    great stories re honesty.

    B and I leave for Nicaragua on Wednesday to visit some Missionary Ventures missionaries and the re-nutrition center in Matagalpa.

  3. Anonymous7:17 PM

    I agree with Macayla...your stories are adorable/too do you reward such honesty without encouraging lying!! shucks!???

    not sure if i am sending my comments....let me know if they're getting through..

  4. Anonymous7:17 PM

    nevermind...i see my message went thru.