Tuesday, October 17, 2006


So, today was a very exciting day! I will start with the most exciting part. This afternoon when I went next door to see some of the girls, I noticed a quite large package sitting on the table. "Someone is lucky!" I thought.... until I read the label and realized it was for ME! My friend Kristi from our Friday night bible study, who is a medical student here in GDL, went home to Miami for a week and offered for me to have some things sent to her. When she told me, I had just been dismayed over the lack of age and reading level-appropriate literature at our school for my kids. SO, I began researching good third grade books, and I talked to my mom about it.
Thanks to her and the AMAZING, GeNerOUs, WonderFul people who donated books, my class will now have a very good selection of chapter books for their reading pleasure. There are some especially interesting looking books for my super picky boys!
I'm pretty ecstatic! There was also other great things that I've been missing, like my big NIV study bible, and venus razors! Plus more. More! woohoo!
(A big thanks goes to Kristi who had to bring back an extra suitcase to fit it all--oops)

Another exciting thing that happened today: I left school at 8:30 this morning with two of the other new teachers downtown to get our FM3s (we are going in small groups). This is a passport looking document (with yet another awful picture of myself...blah), which allows me to work in the country. It also means I can get a bank account and will no longer need to rush to the bank before it closes at 4 on paydays and stand in a huge line!
I must say I felt pretty cool, in a foreign governmental office, getting Mexican papers.
The downside was that we got back late and I rushed into my class 10 minutes after they were done with lunch/recess. Fortunately Joy had seen what happened and brought them in for D.E.A.R. time and stood in the hall to supervise both classes while I was gone.
Ohh... the things that would never happen in America....

p.s. Libros means books.


  1. mallory8:20 PM

    i helped with the books too! :)
    im glad you like them!

  2. That's so exciting! Yay! I am so happy for you. Packages from home are the best. I love you my soulmate :)

  3. Anonymous9:34 AM


  4. I have my awful document pictures, and as of right now I am late with my temporary residency renewal, so my hope is that the Honduran Secret Service will not raid my house in the middle of the night, take me out of my bed, and deport me. But most likely there will be a fine...sadness.

  5. Anonymous5:24 PM

    This has nothing to do with libros. I just saw your link from Macayla's. I'm sooo jealous that you're doing this!! Congratulations! When can I visit?

    Your pal,
    Bonnie Proctor

  6. Anonymous7:23 PM

    I feel like the mom of a 3rd grader again. When going through book stores, I am againg drawn to the children's books. When you come home for christmas tara...your suitcases had better be empty!!
    p.s. are you reading any good books for you??

  7. Anonymous2:59 PM

    Tara Iam so proud of you. Your are writing Mexican Libros. I will be ready to carry on a full blown conversation in Mexican.