Thursday, October 12, 2006

No School!

Today we have a day off! (I think it's for Columbus Day,... but it's also the Virgin of Zapopan day as well, so who knows) It was originally marked on our school calendar there was no school, but the Mexican education people like to change things alot. So, for a few weeks we were told that we WOULD be having school on the 12th. Then, less than a week before, it was announced that we would not have school, but that could change at any moment. Well, it didn't change and today I slept in! hooray!
Today six of us girls are going on an outing with a fellow teacher named Rebekkah. SHe's pretty amazing.... she's American but she grew up here, so she's basically more Mexican than anything else. And she has a second-grade daughter who's the same way. Anyway, she is going to take us around to cool places around town where we can get some authentic Mexican handicrafts. We may not be purchasing today, but the plan is to see what our options are when it comes time to buy Christmas gifts (wink wink).
Speaking of's not too far off. I can't believe it's nearly mid-October! It is pumpkin carving time! crazy!

And speaking of school closing.... the Kinder ( where the preschool through pre-first aged kids attend) part of Lincoln, which is located across the street from the main school, has been closed down by... the government I think. I don't know all the details... but apparently people in the neighborhood have not been happy with it for some reason, in addition to issues that we probably are not privvy to. And the result is that last friday the school was told they needed to produce some kind of paperwork by 8:00 that night or there could not be school on Monday. Well, they couldn't, so the Kinder was closed (they have this tape across the door and anyone who enters would go to jail!). This whole week they haven't been able to get in. Tues,Wed, and Friday of this week classes are taking turns holding class in the chapel at the main campus. Then, next week the entire Kinder will be on our main campus.... which, frankly, will be nuts. They will be in the library, the chapel, a teacher's lounge, and an unused classroom. So... this situation needs prayer. I don't know what is going to happen, but it's not a good thing. So, remember the school in your prayers.

ok, I'm off to shop!


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    Steve Miller

  2. Anonymous8:44 PM

    who's steve miller?
    asks your mom