Saturday, October 28, 2006

Field Trip!

On Wednesday the first, second, and third grade classes went on a field trip to the Bosque de los Ninos, a.k.a. The Children's Forest. It was planned as a celebration after the children's week of Spanish exams were over. It was a really really great place! Just my kind of trip--the owner stopped the busses before we drove up the mountains to their place and had all the kids get out. He then talked about the smog we could see over the city, versus the fresh air of the mountains. And ways we can help. It was great. When we got to the Bosque, there were about 10 counselors waiting for us. They totally took over, leaving the teachers free to roam, take pictures, and keep an eye on things. It was like summer camp for the kids. They were all grouped up with a leader, around 10 kids in a group. They had activities like planting plants, doing obsticle courses, starting a bonfire and roasting marshmallows, three legged races, etc. The kids came back totally filthy, but happy.
OH, and Soolim, my Korean student, kept telling me before the trip..."I have a surprise for you! Don't bring your lunch!" and she brought me homemade sushi! Two whole huge rolls of it. amazing!

Getting ready to leave

The kids getting prepped.

The obstacle course

Edgar getting soaked!

Some members of the green team: Soolim, Esli, Chloe


  1. mallory12:18 PM

    What are those green scarves they are wearing?

  2. mallory12:18 PM

    What are those green scarves they are wearing?

  3. sorry i got impatient and hit the button twice ;)